Carpenter Ants

Hot Tub

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    The only external indication of infestation other than the presence of workers and / or swarmers (winged queens and males) is the appearance of small openings or windows on the surface of wood. Through these, the workers expel debris, which consist of sawdust-like shavings, fragments of insulation and insect body parts . The accumulation of such debris (frass) below such holes is a good indication of an infestation.


    Inside, the galleries follow the softer spring wood with numerous connections through the harder/dark summer wood. The gallery walls are smooth, with a sand-papered appearance. The active galleries are kept clean of debris. These ants prefer to attack wood softened by moisture and fungal rot; therefore, they are often associated with long-term moisture problems in structures as shown in the picture to the right.


    This hot tub had to go to the hot tub graveyard due to the damage.