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Firefly EPS are very knowledgeable professionals in their field and helped us solve our pest problems. They quickly uncovered a carpenter ant colony and helped us prevent an impending long term problem while it was still localized. Firefly provides efficient and timely services at a reasonable cost.

We want to introduce new changes that are being put into effect…

Why use Firefly EPS?

Experienced owners have over 50 Years in the pest control industry.
We offer peace of mind in offering a long term solution that address your concerns and the pest problem using effective integrated solutions and minimum risk products. Our concern will be to protect you ,your family and pets. Most of our business comes from referrals that have spread the word we are the company to hire to take care of your pests. Customer satisfaction is the reason for our success.

How do we do that?

Firefly EPS will take the time to assess your property to determine the right solution for your needs and concerns. In order to do that we offer a free inspection so we can see what’s going on. Identification of the pest, inspecting the property and communicating with you our findings and recommendations is where we must start in order to help you.
Call today and schedule an appointment 541-994-8500 or 877-860-4901.

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Wildlife and Rodent Exclusion:

Firefly offers full pest and critter access denial/exclusion. We will seal up your home or structure, eliminating any entry points for rodents and wildlife. This offers a permanent solution, creating a safer and more sanitary living environment. Our exclusion work carries a 1 year warranty that is renewable.


Firefly EPS is committed to our environment by using the least toxic and most environmentally-friendly products available to control pests inside and out. All of our Green Choice Program treatments are OMRI approved prducts. If you’re as concerned about the environment, your family and pets as we are, call us today and we’ll show you how effective our OMRI approved products are for your pest control.